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Lob to Listen: skaiwater

With today's new uprising of dance/club music I happened to fall upon the artist known as skaiwater during one of last month's many YouTube rabbit holes. About 20 seconds into "Miles" I was already hooked on the NJ club bounce beat followed by a small Lil UZI feature that was unexpected but matched the vibe, After a few repeats I had to check out his apple music page where you can see a few remixes of "Miles" which is dope because you usually only see solo remixes on platforms like Soundcloud & YouTube. Skaiwater has 3 albums out dating from 2019 with features like Trippie Redd, Calboy, Lil UZI Vert like mentioned before and a few more. In my opinion I think he is on the rise to be a pretty well known artist by the end of 2023, with that being said go take some time to listen to a few tracks with the link below and let me know what you think.

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