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4batz 3songz

I will start this post out saying that with out a doubt the music that 4batz is releasing is not only good it has a replay fish hook feeling...2 songs under 2 minutes forcing you to hit a rewind. The artist coming out of Dallas is giving this high pitch Fiyaz feeling to the R&B scene, he just recently got a huge push forward in the industry with drake teasing that he is remixing his 2nd released single 'Act ii: date @ 8' which is partly the reason I wanted to speak on homie. With only 3 songs circulating on DSPs I'm simply trying to figure out whats next for 4batz? you can't do a show on 3 songs and even with a drake push there's not much of a catalog to rock with. Im going to be real interested in where his future is headed, I remember finding Brent fiyaz through 'Sonder' and The Weeknd through OVO blogs leaks, in this new age of Tik Tok here today and gone tomorrow music im just hoping this guy can drop a well put together EP or album or shit even a fucking mixtape to bring a new sound into the scene and a new placement in my serato.

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