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"Thursday": Top 5 best B-side project?

From front to back this is still to me The Weeknd's best packaged album and when I say that I mean this album gave me exactly what I wanted from it. Thursday is an 11 year old album I can still listen to and get the same "Im so numb I can sleep in the club" vibes and I know i'm not the only one with that same opinion therefor its not such a long shot to say that this is a timeless B-side project, and to be clear the only reason why i'm calling this project a "B-side" is because it seems to be the least talked about project from the beginning of the drake era, even after they tried repackaging it as "Trilogy".

Any song on the tape can still hit on a house party playlist from the dark pop rock feel on "Life of the party" to the empty, leaned out drum transition on "Gone", If you haven't listened to the mixtape in a minute go back and have a listening session and let me know your opinion!

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24 de fev. de 2022

Thursday fire, and forever will be a personal fav of mine. The Zone def changed how I began to hear things, and just the whole packaging of those three projects was way ahead of its time. Rolling Stone a personal fav and I feel like he made a lot of accurate predictions on that one

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